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Hulky Pack For Dogs - Best Fresh and Healthy Food for Dogs

Hulky Pack For Dogs - Best Fresh and Healthy Food for Dogs

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Hulky Pack

Pack weight = 1,500 gm

1. It helps your dog to live younger for longer:

  • High meat protein ingredients that play an important role throughout the dog's lifespan.
  • For puppies, it helps building a strong skeletal and muscle structure, a robust immune system, and healthy digestion.
  • In mid-life, meat protein helps dogs maintain lean muscle mass and shield excess body fat.
  • As dogs age, this protein actually helps reverse some of the muscle and skeletal breakdown that come with age.

      2. Supports in preventing a lot of diseases such as:

      • Anemia
      • Unhealthy weight loss
      • Dry, itchy skin and coat
      • Lethargy
      • Brittle nails
      • Ulcers in the stomach or intestine
      • Heart disease


      • Chicken & Chicken Liver in (original ) or Turkey in (flavor it up)
      • Spinach
      • Rice
      • Green beans
      • Potatoes
      • Sweet potato
      • carrot
      • zucchini
      • Fresh pack Supplements


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      • Food Portion

        We are using caories calculation recent techniquies to make sure your dog have the best feeding experience so if you wanna know more about your dog feeding portion please send us a message on instagram or facebook 
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        3 months in the freezer.