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Wanna see how our feeding experience looks like ?

Everything is possible with the right nutrition plan!

We provide you with a perfect ingredients with the perfect portion to be 100% absorbed.

Blame commercial pet food’s unbalanced, filler-loaded formulations that don’t give pups the nutrients they need. Because of the way it's cooked and processed, dry food especially can deprive dogs of the healthy fats and oils .

Fresh Pack is the first vet formulated complete fresh dog meals following AAFCO Standards in Egypt, providing your best friend with all the nutrition they need based on a calorie calculated program, taking the pet fresh food industry in Egypt to the next level with 5 different Fresh Packs that cover all your pet nutrition needs.

Why The Fresh Pack ?

Our dedicated nutrition plans can ensure a happy human and a healthy dog!

Everything is calculated and pre planned, your dog plan, shipment days, health objectives that we wanna achive and even your dog favourite taste, have a look on our subscription and nutrtion plan details and start the change now!

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3 years of achievements and market improvements!

It's been 3 years of developments, achievements and results. we are glad to reshape the pet food industry in Egypt and came up with a totally new feeding experiences and nutrition approaches, now all market brands talk in calories instead of % of dog weight and we are almost starting

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